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Interview with Piotr Suchecki – UWCRCN 2023-2025

19 October 2023

Are you curious about what it's like to live and study at a UWC school? Do you want tips on the admissions process? We interviewed Piotr Suchecki, who moved from Gothenburg in August of 2023 to begin his studies at UWC Red Cross Nordic. Read more about his experience down below.

Hi Piotr! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hi! I’m a 17 year old studying as a first year at UWC Red Cross Nordic. I was born in Wroclaw, Poland, but had lived in Gothenburg, Sweden for 8 years before moving to Norway. Some of my favourite things are eating good food, travelling and hanging out with friends. I actually attended an international school in Gothenburg (ISGR), where I developed a big part of my identity- my internationalism. Being surrounded by people from different cultures and backgrounds, and having interesting conversations with them is something I’ve come to appreciate very much. This is one of the many reasons why I applied to UWC. I had heard of the school a few years back because of some friends who attended the school in Singapore. It wasn’t until a current second year at RCN came and presented about his experience and the school that I really got to know about the opportunities of scholarship that UWC offers. At first I was a bit nervous about applying, but reading and doing research about the UWC mission and movement connected me to the school so I decided to go ahead! In retrospect, this was an amazing choice, I can’t imagine being anywhere but here, to be part of this movement and study in such an interesting way.

What does a typical day at UWC look like for you?
On weekdays, I usually wake up at about 7:20, get ready until 7:45 and then head with my friends to the cafeteria for breakfast, which lasts from 7:00 till 8:10.

Classes begin at 8:15 and last for 50 minutes or 100 minutes, depending on what class. From 9:55 to 10:10 we have a cookie break, where I like to get my coffee and catch up with friends. From 10:10 to 11:50 we have more classes, and then lunch is served from 11:40 to 12:30. I finish classes  at 13:20 or 15:00 depending on the day.

After class, I engage in a bunch of extracurriculars. I'm part of LEAF, an environmentalist group that works towards aiding sustainability at the school and in the local community. I'm also part of MUN, Dance and Amnesty International. I also hang out with friends or study at our cozy library until dinner which happens from 17:40 to 19:00. After dinner, I like to chill with my friends, cook a late night snack or study if I have work to catch up on.

On weekends, I like to sleep in until 11:00 or 12:00, and fortunately we have brunch until 13:00 on weekends. On these days, I take things slow by going on walks with my friends and hanging out.

What do you think are the biggest differences between UWC and a Swedish school?
I went to an International School in Gothenburg before arriving at RCN, so part of the UWC experience is familiar to me – like the diversity of people and cultures is something that is quite natural to me. But I think for many, studying at Swedish schools it's going to be a big difference. Here, you get to live and study with so many people from different backgrounds and with stories that are completely different from your own. I think its very enriching to interact with people with very different backgrounds and stories than yours. I find a big difference for me is the amount I socialise, I'm really always surrounded by people. Which can be quite overwhelming, but now having been here for 2 months I think I’ve found my balance. I really love this aspect of RCN, the people, the conversations and collaboration is really beautiful.

Who do you think should apply to UWC?
I think people who want to step out of their comfort zones, learn about the world and themselves, and make lifelong memories. I think UWC is a place for learning and sharing knowledge in so many different contexts, whether they be social or academic. Also people who want to be challenged through intercultural experiences as well as academics. I think if you would like to develop your connections to your values, communication skills and time management among many others, UWC is the place to be!

What tips do you have for those applying to UWC?
I think that it's an enriching process, and the main tip I’d pass on is to simply be yourself. It may sound so beyond cliche, but its truly the key to a successful application. I think applicants should analyse or get to know themselves well before the application process, in order to truly communicate how good of a candidate for this life-changing experience of being at UWC they can be. I would also say don’t doubt yourself or stress too much about your previous experiences, whether they be extracurricular or academic. If you want to make a difference in the world, that's all the motivation you need to apply!

Are you interested in experiencing the UWC life for yourself? The application for studies at UWC during 2024 – 2026 is open until December 15, 2023. Apply through our application portal: